International Experts Meeting "Climate Change and Artic Sustainable Development: scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges"

  3-6 March 2009, Monaco 

The organizationís foci on sustainable development, environmental ethics, indigenous peoples and indigenous knowledge, intangible heritage, Arctic World Heritage and scientific monitoring of the physical processes of climate change, justify its central role. UNESCO is uniquely placed to address these complex issues due to its demonstrated capacity for interdisciplinary approaches, and its global mandate.

The objective of the meeting will be twofold: first, to provide a broad overview of changes due to global warming that are anticipated across the circumpolar North and to investigate ways to monitor these; and second, to comprehensively assess the scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges to be met in order to ensure the regionís sustainable development within a global context. The meeting will include analysis at the global scale, recognising that environmental and social processes occurring in the Arctic and sub-Arctic will have impacts well beyond the region.


Themes to be addressed include:


Participants and partners

To comprehensively analyse the multilayered and multiform interactions connecting global and Arctic processes, an international and interdisciplinary approach is required. The meeting will bring together 35 to 45 participants, including natural scientists, social and human scientists, legal experts, circumpolar indigenous peoples, and representatives from NGOs, industry and concerned countries. UNESCO will also facilitate the participation of Member States from outside the Arctic region that will be impacted by the changes anticipated in polar regions. Partnership will be sought with the Arctic Council, as the meeting will complement and expand upon many of the Arctic Councilís concerns. UNEP will also be invited to partner in this activity, as the meeting would contribute to the fulfilment of UNEPís recent Governing Council decision on Arctic sustainable development.

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