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17th IOC Assembly

25 February - 11 March 1993

17th IOC Assembly
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Chaired by Dr. M. Murillo. Dr. G. Kullenberg was the Secretary.

OSLR Programme was reorganized into two components: Ecosystem Dynamics and Living Resources with the participation of GLOBEC, HAB and IREP; and GOOS participation in LME (Large Marine Ecosystems) and Continuous Plankton Recorder.

It was decided to conduct an evaluation of the application of the LME concept within the OSLR context. Document "Approach to GOOS" was developed to be used as a strategy document for GOOS planning and development. The first meeting of I-GOOS was held in February 1993.

The implementation of IODE/GODAR project started. It was culminated with the production of a set of 1O CD ROMS with the oceanographic data for the World Ocean. OceanPC was accepted as a delivery mechanism for IODE and IOC products and services, particularly for developing countries.

TEMA Operational Fund was created within the existing IOC TF to help ensure adequate implementation of the TEMA Programme.

Cooperative Marine Science Programme for the Black Sea (COMSBLACK) was initiated especially in support of the projects UNESCO-Chernobyl and Blue Danube within the context of GIPME.

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