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Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

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15th IOC Assembly

4 - 19 July 1989

    Chaired by Prof. Ulf Lie from Norway. Dr. G. Kullenberg from Sweden is the Secretary.

    Concept of TOGA coupled ocean-atmosphere response experiment was endorsed as an integral part of TOGA.

    International Programme for the Dynamics and Oceanography of Coastal and Shelf Seas and Exchanges: Rationale and Elements, was endorsed.

    The concept of GOOS was formulated jointly with WMO for ocean and atmosphere, particularly in connection with the requirements of global climate studies and assessment. GE was established to develop a plan for the system jointly with the GOOS Development Panel of CCCO.

    UNEP formally agreed to co-sponsor the GIPME programme with the establishment of a joint IOC/UNEP Intergovernmental Panel to coordinate the work of GIPME.

    The GLOSS Implementation Plan was approved. GLOSS Brochure, Newsletter and Handbook were published.

    IOC Sub-Commission for WESTPAC was established to replace Working Group for WESTPAC which was in operation since 1977.

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