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IOC Time Line, 1977 - 1987

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    28 November - 2 December 1987, Paris, France. WOCE Implementation Plan was developed and the joint IOC/WMO/ICSU/SCOR International WOCE Scientific Conference was organized in Paris.

    The proposal "Monitoring and prediction of the El Niño Phenomenon in the SE Pacific: Application to Development" was formulated.

    14th IOC Assembly 7 March - 1 April 1987. Chaired by Dr. Ronquillo. Dr. M. Ruivo was the Secretary. More

    Establishment of the joint IOC/WMO Intergovernmental TOGA Board. Development of the International TOGA Project Office in the USA and the WOCE International Planning Office in UK.

    Establishment of the Technical Committee on Ocean Processes and Climate (TC-OPC).

    13th IOC Assembly, 12 - 28 March 1985. Chaired by Dr. Ronquillo from Philippines. Dr. M. Ruivo was the Secretary. More

    3 - 7 September 1983, Alexandria, Egypt. Symposium on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of MAHABISS-John Murray Expedition of 1933/1934. It reviewed the progress of oceanography over the last 50 years and discussed proposals for future work in the Eastern Mediterranean, Red Sea, NW Indian Ocean and adjacent gulfs.

    1 December 1982. Signing of UNCLOS to contribute to the establishment of a legal order facilitating international maritime communications, peaceful utilization of the seas and oceans, fair and rational exploitation of their resources, investigation and protection of the marine environment and conservation of biological resources it contains.

    12th IOC Assembly, 3 - 19 November 1982. Chaired by Dr. Ayala-Castaniares. Dr. M. Ruivo from Portugal was the Secretary. More

    Establishment of a marine pollution monitoring system on a permanent basis.

    First BIOMASS programme proposed by the SCAR/SCOR Group of Experts and supported by IOC.

    11th IOC Assembly, 16 October - 3 November 1979. Chaired by Dr. A. Ayala-Castaniares from Mexico. D. Scott was the Secretary. More

    Establishment of Marine Sciences Division of UNESCO with emphasis on the development of human resources in marine sciences and of national marine science infrastructure. It was recommended that the Programme of IOC and the marine sciences programmes of UNESCO, other than that of the IOC, remain complementary and mutually supporting.  

    Implementation of the operational phase of the First GARP Global Experiment (FGGE).

    16 - 20 May 1978, Kiel, FRG. GATE Symposium on Oceanography and Surface Layer Meteorology. End of the oceanographic component of GATE.

    Start of the first 18 months phase of a pilot project on monitoring background levels of selected pollutants in open-ocean waters  

    10th IOC Assembly, 10 - 28 October 1977, Paris, France. Chaired by Dr. G.F. Humphrey from Australia. D. Scott is the Secretary. More

    Preparation of a report on the present, planned and potential uses of satellite and remotely sensed marine data.  

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