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_NEW-DocumentSpecial Issue of the Bulletin of the National Oceanographic Commission of Bulgaria
_NEW-DocumentIOC Report on Ocean Fertilization
A Scientific Summary for Policy Makers  
_NEW-DocumentWhere the First Wave Arrives in Minutes
Indonesian Lessons on Surviving Tsunamis Near Their Souces  
_NEW-DocumentCMOS Bulletin
_NEW-DocumentPress Kit

To make Information Kit more convenient for mass media an abreviated version has been made which is circulated as a Press Kit and is available in English and French.

_NEW-DocumentEnglish translation of Japanese Picture Book "Discovery Adventure into the Sea with the Vehicle-Whale ~Life of the Deep Sea"
_NEW-DocumentOceanography: Special Issue Celebrating 50 Years of the IOC
_NEW-DocumentHistory of IOC (Presentation)

IOC History: 50 Years on the Services to the Humankind by Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright (Executive-Secretary of IOC)

Language: English

_NEW-DocumentInformation Kit
_NEW-DocumentTroubled Waters: ocean science and governance
_NEW-DocumentOceanographic Atlas of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov
_NEW-DocumentAfrican Oceans and Coasts
_NEW-DocumentThe New World of the Ocean

Published by: UNESCO, The UNESCO Courier, February 1986

Languages: English / French / Spanish

_NEW-DocumentCivilizations of the Sea

Published by: UNESCO, The UNESCO Courier, December 1983

Languages: English / French / Spanish

_NEW-DocumentSea Fever

Published by: UNESCO, The UNESCO Courier, August-September 1991

Languages: English / French / Spanish

_NEW-DocumentTell me about the Oceans

Did you know that three-quarters of the globe are covered with seas and oceans ? This is just one of the interesting facts that you could learn by reading this compact book about oceans, their beginnings, their role in regulating world climate and the rich resources within.

Published by: UNESCO

Languages: Arabic / English / French /Spanish


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