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UNESCO related events at COP-15:

UNESCO related events at COP-15:

United Nations
Climate Change Conference
Copenhagen, 7 - 19 December 2009

In addition to participating in plenary and working group sessions, UNESCO was involved in the following events at the UN Climate Change Conference

9 Dec. WMO-UNESCO Side Event on Observation, monitoring and prediction: Essential elements of climate knowledge (13:00-14:30 in Room Halfdan Rasmussen) [Contact: Peter Dogsé].

9 Dec. Launch of the book "Climate Change & Arctic Sustainable Development: scientific, social, cultural and educational challenges" with reception hosted by the Principality of Monaco (as part of the WMO-UNESCO Side Event) [Contact: Douglas Nakashima]. Book flyer 

10 Dec. Young and Future Generation Day. The Day had a broad variety of events around the central theme of intergenerational equity [Contact: Bernard Combes]

10 Dec. Groundwater and Climate Change (20:00-22:00 in the Holland Climate House, Delegation area) [Contact: Francesco Rizzo]

13 Dec. “The essential role of traditional knowledge in climate change” a presentation from the Danish-funded UNESCO Climate Frontlines Forum during the Biodiversity and Climate Change panel sponsored by the Convention on Biological Diversity (17:00-18:30 in the Radisson Falconer Hotel) [Contact: Jennifer Rubis] More

14 Dec. Advancing work on adaptation to climate change: a UN system perspective chaired by President of the Maldives, Mr. Mohamed Nasheed.

14 Dec. Oceans Day with Patricio Bernal and IOC spokesperson Maud Fontenoy – highlighting the direct link between climate change, the health of the oceans, and human well-being, as well as the need for sufficient funding to support mitigation and adaptation measures that will minimize climate change impacts on coastal communities and ocean resources. More 

15 Dec. "A Working Forum on Climate Change: Engaging Stakeholders in Civil Society" organized by the UN Commission on Sustainable Development CSD) Education Caucus and Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future, along with the World Aquarium and Conservation for the Oceans Foundation. [Contact: Bernard Combes]

16 Dec. COP-15 press conference with UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova on UNESCO’s climate change action strategy (11:30 am – noon) [Contact: Nino Munoz Gomez

16 Dec. UNESCO’s Director-General Irina Bokova interviewed by Climate Change TV as part of the inSide Climate Change Solutions interview series. The interview is available here 

16 Dec. UNESCO’s Director-General Irina Bokova participated in the United Nations System Delivering as One on Climate Change High Level Side Event with The United Nations Secretary-General and the Executive Heads of several UN system organizations in an interactive discussion with the audience on the UN system’s efforts (18:15 – 19:45) [Contact: Hans D’Orville]

7-18 Dec. Throughout the UN Climate Change Conference, UNESCO and IOC provided information about the organizations' climate change activities in two dedicated COP-15 exposition boots [UNESCO contacts: Fathima Ghina; Hans Thulstrup, IOC Contact: Tom Gross]

Panel on climate change and health [Contact: Ram Boojh]

World Water Assessment Programme activities [Contact: Olcay Unver]

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