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Global Renewable Energy Education and Training (GREET) Programme

Global Renewable Energy Education and Training (GREET) Programme
  • UNESCO/O.Benchikh
  • Solar Technician Training

Recognizing that the supply of a skilled workforce is a critical element in the transfer of technology and due to the enormous needs for institutional and human resource development especially in the developing countries, UNESCO launched the Global Renewable Energy Education and Training (GREET) Programme as an instrument to help the international community address this issue.

The GREET programme strategic objectives and main activities aiming to promote institutional and human capacity building reflects the need, especially in developing countries, for education in fundamental disciplines and specialised training for professionals at different levels of responsibility.

Strategic objective

  • Strengthening national competencies by favouring exchange of knowledge and best practices;
  • Enhancing the use and application of renewable energy sources.

Main activities

  • Organisation of training programmes at different levels, including continuing training for professionals (decision and policy makers, researchers, engineers, university teachers and technicians);
  • Design and field implementation of training tools and learning/teaching material;
  • Promotion of national/regional training centres of excellence at the regional level and;
  • Setting of standards and definition of energy training curricula.

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