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Earth Science Education Initiative for Africa

    UNESCO’s recently launched Earth Science Education Initiative for Africa is being developed through a participatory approach beginning with a series of regional workshops in the remaining months of 2009 to encourage participation from a range of different public and private perspectives to clearly document the existing status of education in the Earth Sciences and to advise UNESCO on the development of the Initiative.

    Four regional workshops taking place before the end of 2009 include:

    • Luanda, Angola (18-19 September 2009)
    • Assiut, Egypt (28-29 October 2009) 
    • Cape Town, South Africa (26-27 November 2009)
    • Dakar, Senegal (9-10 December 2009)

    Goals of the workshops:

    • To develop a status update of the state of earth science education in Africa
    • To produce a clear map that identifies centers of expertise, centers needing assistance and educational gaps.
    • To continue to identify possible partners and their roles in the Initiative.
    • To document existing actions or programs and identify the relationships with the Initiative.
    • To agree, at an academic level, on the type and role of earth sciences in the local educational systems.
    • To support and provide detail on the goal of the Initiative.
    • To use the workshop event as an opportunity to raise the visibility of the importance and the relevance of the earth sciences for the sustainable development of Africa.

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