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International Year of Astronomy

IYA2009 & UN

IYA2009 & UN
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The UN General Assembly resolution A/Res/62/200 dated December 2007 stipulates:

The General Assembly

Convinced that the Year could play a crucial role, inter alia, in raising public awareness of the importance of astronomy and basic sciences for sustainable development, promoting access to the universal knowledge of fundamental science through the excitement generated by the subject of astronomy, supporting formal and informal science education in schools as well as through science centres and museums and other relevant means, stimulating a long-term increase in student enrolment in the fields of science and technology, and supporting scientific literacy…

1. Decides to declare:

 "2009 the International Year of Astronomy"

2. Designates the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization- (UNESCO) as the lead agency and focal point for the Year, and invites it to organize, in this capacity, activities to be realized during the Year, in collaboration with other relevant entities of the United Nations system, the International Astronomical Union, the European Southern Observatory and astronomical societies and groups throughout the world, and, in this regard, notes that the activities of the Year will be funded from voluntary contributions, including from the private sector;

3. Encourages all Member States, the United Nations system and all other actors to take advantage of the Year to promote actions at all levels aimed at increasing awareness among the public of the importance of astronomical sciences and promoting widespread access to new knowledge and experience of astronomical observation.

78th plenary meeting
19 December 2007

Europe and North America Latin America and the Caribbean Africa Arab States Asia Pacific