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Longevity and Quality of Life

Forum to be held at UNESCO Headquarters (16 September 2008)

Longevity and Quality of Life
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  • 5th UNESCO/Paris-Match Scientific Forum: "Longevity and Quality of Life"

The Forum will be opened by UNESCO’s Director-General Koїchiro Matsuura and broadcast live on a web TV magazine (in English and in French).

This is the fifth UNESCO Scientific Forum jointly organized by UNESCO and the weekly French news magazine, Paris Match. The first and second fora (2003) addressed breast cancer and AIDS respectively, the third (2005) was concerned with new treatments to fight arthritis, arthrosis and osteoporosis, and the fourth (2007) was on cancer.

Six million people worldwide are over 60 today; in 2050 this age group will number two billion. France currently has 15,000 people who are 100 or older, compared to only 600 in 1950. However, as we live longer, how can we preserve our mental, physical, visual and other faculties for as long as possible? Within their specific research areas, scientists are discovering how to slow down the ageing process and stop the development of geriatric diseases They are also working on the genetic underpinning of longevity. This Forum will provide up-to-date information on these research topics.


Presentations will begin at 3 p.m. with a talk by geneticist Axel Kahn, “How long a life are we programmed for?” Five Round Tables will follow: ageing of the brain, changes in the eye and vision, mobility complaints, staying young longer, and the search for longevity genes. The French Minister of Health, Roselyne Bachelot, will close the Forum at 6.30 p.m.

The Forum will be broadcast live on the internet in English and in French via a new web TV magazine at www.longevitv.com 

Participate in the Fifth scientific forum of UNESCO on "Longevity and Quality of Life", Tuesday, September 16, 2008, UNESCO, 125 Avenue de Suffren, Paris 7th. (Room I)

Admission free on registration 01 45 68 05 16, or address evenements@unesco.org, as well as on longevitv where the forum will be fully released.

Save the date! 16 September 2008


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  • 25-08-2008
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