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Science with Africa

Addis Ababa, 3 - 4 March 2008

Science with Africa

To foster the contribution of science to the development process in Africa, the UN Economic Commission for Africa and African Union is organizing a conference on Science with Africa, in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in collaboration with the private enterprise Intelligence in Science and UNESCO.

The Science with Africa conference symbolizes a joint effort between Africa and its partners to promote and enhance the role of science and technology in the continent's development. The global research collaboration highlights the spirit behind this unique project. The conference will provide a network to create synergies and increase the level of and range of participation in international R&D projects between African science-based organizations and businesses and their global counterparts.

The conference will bring together African and international scientists, experts in the areas of science project management, dissemination, partnering, intellectual property & patents, research management and the commercialization and exploitation of research results. Science policy evaluation methodologies will also be presented in order to improve the scope and effectiveness of science policy options and legislation in African states and the programmes supported and implemented through such legislation.

The Science with Africa conference will examine methodologies for improving science programme participation by scientists and researchers in African nations. Speakers will include senior policy makers from Africa and around the world, eminent scientists, science and research project managers, experts in proposal preparation and IP and patent specialists.

The Science with Africa conference aims to achieve the following:

  • Create new synergies between European, US and other global science based organisations and those in Africa, where there is an ongoing need to strengthen and improve existing R&D activities, centres of excellence and partnerships;
  • Improve linkages between international research programmes and business in order to foster economic growth in Africa.
  • Promote research policy evaluation with a view to establishing effective, concrete, evidence based science policies and policy options for Africa;
  • Promote research policy evaluation with a view to establishing effective, concrete, evidence based science policies and policy options for Africa;
  • Establish the Science with Africa Office (SWAO);
  • Provide a framework for using Science and Technology options to support economic progress in Africa;
  • Raise the level of participation by Africa-based scientists in international collaborative research projects.
  • Improve awareness of access to and use of existing patent information, thereby assisting technology transfer both with and in Africa.
  • Establish an empirical evidence based system for improved investment by the private sector for Science with Africa;
  • Put in place a dissemination system and enabling ICT environment in providing access to information and knowledge on science partners in Africa.

::  Ms S. Nair-Bedouelle (UNESCO Natural Sciences, Science Policy Division)
::  Mr. M. Miloudi (UNESCO Natural Sciences, Science Policy Division)

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  • 29-02-2008
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