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Photo contest on "The Changing Face of the Earth"

The deadline for contributions to the contest was on 30 June 2008. The names of the winning contestants will be announced in the October 2008 issue of A World of Science and on UNESCO’s science portal.

UNESCO’s Earth Sciences Programme was running a photo contest on the theme of The Changing Face of the Earth, to raise awareness among youth of the state of the planet with two contestants categories: 15-20 year olds and aged 21 years and over.

Photo contest on

Each contestant was invited to submit a single colour photo depicting her or his personal testimony to the Earth’s rapidly changing landscape in a positive or negative way. The photo will illustrate one of the ten themes from the International Year of Planet Earth. Photos will portray rural or urban scenes and depict changes to the landscape caused by natural phenomena or resulting from human intervention.

  • Soil – Earth's living skin, Planet Earth in our hands
  • Groundwater – towards sustainable use
  • Hazards – minimizing risk, maximizing awards
  • Earth and health – building a safer environment
  • Climate change – the ‘stone tape’
  • Resource issues – towards sustainable use
  • Megacities – going deeper, building safer
  • Deep Earth – from crust to core
  • Ocean – abyss of time
  • Earth and life – the origins of diversity

The Prizes

Each of the winning contestants in each category will receive a copy of two UNESCO books in English or French, depending on their preference: Explaining the Earth and The Changing Face of the Earth.

Explaining the Earth depicts our planet’s place in the Universe and in our Solar System, the Earth’s structure, plate tectonics, the role of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, the formation of reliefs, the ice ages and natural hazards.

The Changing Face of the Earth traces continental shift since the Pangaea, a single supercontinent, began breaking up 250 million yeas ago, via 10 maps.

In addition, the best entries in each category will win a camera.

  • Publication Date: 17-10-2007
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