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    Innovation for Development Conference.gifProgramme initiators, managers and implementers from both developed and developing nations will be given a unique opportunity to share experience and build new partnerships.


    The “Innovation for DevelopmentConference is organized by the TTI, the European Association for the Transfer of Technologies, Innovation and Industrial Information  in collaboration with, and at, UNESCO, 3-4 May 2007, Paris, France.


    Innovation and the successful exploitation of new ideas are widely recognized as a major driver of economic growth. The same goes for globalization. However, three-quarters of the world’s population is denied access to the benefits of these phenomena. This year’s TTI annual conference, organized in collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), puts the spotlight on how innovation, science and new technology is being harnessed through a whole range of international, national, corporate and private programmes, schemes and initiatives for the benefit of the world’s developing countries and populations. 


    Morning 3 May:  The First Plenary Session will focus on the growth and development challenges facing developing countries and the role of science, technology and innovation in meeting them. Presentations will highlight examples of innovation-support measures, policies and programmes which have successfully demonstrated their ability to contribute to sustainable development and thereby increase the welfare of populations in developing countries.


    Parallel Sessions

    Afternoon 3 May: Technology and innovation for development; University Partnerships; Exchanges with emerging countries – the Asian connection; Innovation support policies and services.

    Morning 4 May: Knowledge transfer from the research base; Innovation support services and management;  Corporate social responsibility and public-private partnerships


    Afternoon 4 May: The Second Plenary Session is dedicated to the critical issue of funding innovation support schemes in developing countries, with examples from international funding agencies, public support programmes and public-private partnerships.


    The conference will appeal to all those who are responsible for creating and implementing new knowledge and fostering innovation and who either have experience of turning these skills to the advantage of developing regions of the world or who wish to become involved in such initiatives. The conference will also be of interest to members of the UN delegations or other agencies or NGOs whose mission is to identify examples of good practice and enable their uptake in their own countries.


    For more information contact Tony Marjoram, and/or click below for Annotated Agenda and Registration Form.


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    Starting Date 03-05-2007
    End Date 04-05-2007
    Conference Location UNESCO HQ, Paris, France
    Organizer TTI and UNESCO
    Contact Name Tony Marjoram
    Contact Email
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