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    Country by country information on the Network: Women, Science, Technology and Development created in 2006 and which, at present, brings together seven UNESCO Chairs.

    The network includes:

    • The Chairs “Water, women and decision-making” in Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire et Morocco
    • The Chairs “Women, science and technology” in Argentina, Pakistan and Sudan
    • The Chair “Women, science and technology for development in Africa” in Burkina Faso

    These university Chairs have several points in common:  

    • They are run by women
    • They promote women
    • In the fieldsof science and technology
    • Through research and teaching programmes on gender in these fields
    • And training in the sustainable development management of resources (notably water) for women and teenage girls, principally in rural areas.

    The goal of this network of UNESCO Chairs is help Universities serve the development of their countries, by contributing to the increase of the number of women scientists and engineers as well as to the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the poorer populations of the globe.




    Click on document below more information on each of these seven UNESCO Chairs (French only)

    Or contact Renée Clair, UNESCO, Paris, France

    Start Date 29-06-2006
    End Date 29-06-2008
    Project Document Reseau, Femmes, science, technology et développement.doc 58368 bytes (Download Help)
    Contact First Name Renée
    Contact Last Name Clair

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