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  • > 3. AGORA - an online forum for Women in Science - Updated: 28-02-2007 1:30 pm

    This interactive forum, sponsored by the L’OREAL-UNESCO For Women in Science programme, was launched on 8 March 2006. Published four times a year, it aims at creating and supporting dialogue between women in the scientific community.

    AGORA explores subjects such as Science education for girls and women, women's roles in  sustainable development and Bioethics, Women and Science. AGORA covers topics that concern UNESCOAGORA is open to all members of the For Women in Science community around the world. This includes:

    • L’OREAL-UNESCO Laureates
    • UNESCO-L’OREAL Fellows
    • International Jury Members
    • Network of nominators for the Awards, L’OREAL Researchers
    • National Commissions for UNESCO
    • Jury members and Fellows from the national fellowship programs launched by l’OREAL with the support of National Commissions for UNESCO.

    Hopefully, many scientists will join the Network for Women in Science, propose Prize candidates, encourage young women to apply for Fellowships and use the dialog forum to give their points of view on crucial questions.  






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