Overview of UNESCOís activities for the advancement of scientific knowledge

On 2nd November 05 at UNESCO HQ, Paris, science colleagues had the opportunity to present, during 60 minutes, their activities promoting the advancement of scientific knowledge. The eventís report gives a broad overview of the Organizationís actions within the field of basic science, the necessity to promote scientific research world wide and womenís access to same. 


The world is undergoing a fundamental transformation driven by science and science-based technologies. Most far-reaching innovations originate from advances in basic sciences.

Making the presentation were: 

1. Director BES chaired the meeting. He presented diverse strategies and mechanisms for promoting the advancement of scientific knowledge, such as building capacity for science, dissemination of information, promoting scientific cooperation, international partnerships, and the new flagship programme within the Division of Basic and Engineering Sciences : the International Basic Sciences Programme.
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To celebrate UNESCO's 60th anniversary, sixty themes were selected to punctuate the sixty weeks between 5 September 2005 and 4 November 2006, anniversary of the coming into force of the International Convention constituting the UNESCO under the title 60 Minutes to Persuade.  The 31 October - 4 November 05 theme concerns the importance of the basic sciences and UNESCO's work therein.

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