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    Creation of a UNESCO Chairs Network "Women, Science, Technology and Water" (Cannes, France; 28-06-2005 - 01-07-2005)
    The network, which aims to develop research and education in science and technology from a gender perspective, was set up at an international meeting of UNESCO Chairs, held in Cannes, 28 June - 1st July 2005 parallel to the 7th Cannes Water Symposium. More

    Meeting of Experts on Gender and Science and Technology (OAS Headquarters, Padilha Vidal Conference Room, Washington D.C.; 24-08-2004 - 25-08-2004)
    A draft recommendation aiming to integrate gender perspectives into the science and technology policies of Organization of American States (OAS) Member States was drawn up at the Expert Meeting, Washington, USA, 24-25 August 2004. More

    2005 L'OREAL-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science
    International jury to award five outstanding women researchers, in condensed matter sciences (physics and chemistry), one from each continent. More

    2005 L'OREAL-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science
    The Laureates, one from each continent, work on Material Sciences and were chosen for their groundbreaking achievements and potential contributions to scientific progress. They received their recompense in Paris, 3 March 2005 More

    Women in Science prize-giving Programme
    On the occasion of the 2005 L'OREAL-UNESCO awards, 2-3 March 2005, the following events are foreseen. More

    2006 L'OREAL-UNESCO Award and Fellowship Winners (UNESCO, Paris, France. 01-03-2006 - 02-03-2006)
    The 8th L'OREAL-UNESCO prize-winning ceremony took place 2nd March 2006, UNESCO, Paris. Awards of 100 000 US dollars were given to five outstanding life-science women laureates, one from each region of the world. Fifteen two-year fellowships were also awarded. More



    2006 Recommendations
    Recommendations made by the Network of UNESCO Chairs “Women, Science, Technology and Development within the framework of the 8th International Water Symposium, 27-30 June 2006, Cannes, France. More

    Low percentage rate for Women Prize-Winners of UNESCO Scientific Prizes
    Created in 1952, the Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science was the first scientific prize created by UNESCO. Kalinga Prize winner in 1970, Margaret Mead was the first woman to receive a UNESCO scientific prize. More

    2006 - Tapping at the glass ceiling: a history of Women, Natural Sciences and UNESCO - Renée Clair
    ‘Girls and Science’ 2000©UNESCO.gif“UNESCO’s Charter indicated clearly that the new organization proposed to contribute to the maintenance of peace by strengthening collaboration among nations through education, science and culture. A few lines further on, it is specified that this will be done ‘without distinction of race, sex, language or religion’.More

    February 2007 - Women researchers absent from highest rungs of the profession - Peter Coles
    ©-Micheline-Pelletier_Gamma.gifEven if they are far from reaching parity with their males colleagues, more females than ever are researchers. But they remain largely absent from the highest rungs of the profession and must often make difficult choices between professional career and private life.More

    Gender Indicators in Science, Engineering and Technology Sophia Huyer & Gunnar Westholm

    Network: Women, Science, Technology and Development
    Country by country information on the Network: Women, Science, Technology and Development created in 2006 and which, at present, brings together seven UNESCO Chairs. >> More

    1. For Women in Science - l’Oréal and UNESCO

    2. Gender in Education - Asia and the Pacific

    3. AGORA - an online forum for Women in Science

    4. Gender Mainstreaming


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