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    Message from Jacques Chirac to UNESCO Scientific Forum on Cancer - (UNESCO)
    26-01-2007 Cancer_Progress-that-saves.gifIn his message to the Fourth UNESCO Scientific Forum held at UNESCO 18 January 2007, the French President underlined the importance for the nation as a whole to join the fight against cancer, which concerns us all. More

    4th UNESCO Workshop on Active Learning in Optics and Photonics (ALOP Asia 2006) - (UNESCO)
    22-09-2006 The 4th UNESCO Workshop on Active Learning in Optics and Photonics will take place 6-11 November 2006, Miranda House, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. It brings together teacher participants from the region and aims to establish a consortium for the use of innovative teaching-learning strategies in physics classrooms. More

    Science and technology for the well-being of all - (UNESCO)
    30-01-2006 Within the framework of UNESCO's 60th anniversary celebrations, the 60 minute presentation on Science and Technology for Development, UNESCO HQ, 24 January 2006, highlighted the use of small technology and renewable energies in poverty reduction and sustainable development and presented an outstanding example in the Sahel. More

    60 minutes on Science and Technology for Development at UNESCO - (UNESCO)
    24-01-2006 Within the context of 60 weeks 60 themes: Tuesday, 24 January 2006, UNESCO HQ, a 60-minutes meeting is taking place on Science and Technology for Development. More

    UNESCO’s Member States request further assistance for science and engineering education - (UNESCO)
    08-11-2005 Delegates at 33rd session of UNESCO's General Conference, Paris, 3-21 October 2005, sought answers to the negative trend affecting developed and developing countries alike: the declining and/or stagnant student enrolment rate in science and engineering disciplines. More

    Overview of UNESCO’s activities for the advancement of scientific knowledge - (UNESCO)
    04-11-2005 Empowering Adolescent Girls in South Asia.gifOn 2nd November 05 at UNESCO HQ, Paris, science colleagues had the opportunity to present, during 60 minutes, their activities promoting the advancement of scientific knowledge. The event’s report gives a broad overview of the Organization’s actions within the field of basic science, the necessity to promote scientific research world wide and women’s access to same. More

    Promoting Advancement of Scientific Knowledge - (UNESCO)
    31-10-2005 La science appartient à tous afin de briser des cycles de pauvreté des femmes.gifPresentation: 2-3pm, 2nd November 05, UNESCO HQ, Paris, Room IX by basic science programme specialist colleagues More

    UNESCO Forum on Arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis - (UNESCO)
    09-09-2005 In collaboration with Paris-Match, a scientific forum “New weapons to fight Arthritis, Arthrosis and Osteoporosis” will take place on 22 September 2005 at, UNESCO HQ, Paris (Salle I, 4h30 –7h30 pm) to inform the general public on progress accomplished and ongoing research concerning rheumatic complaints. More

    UNESCO Forum launches science and technology education reform in Asia-Pacific - (UNESCO)
    02-09-2005 An international forum on the reform and innovation in science and engineering higher education in the Asia-Pacific region is organized by the Korea Science Foundation, Korean National Commission for UNESCO and UNESCO, 12-14 September 2005, Seoul, Korea. More

    International meeting of UNESCO Chairs related to women, science and technology - (UNESCO)
    10-06-2005 UNESCO, in cooperation with the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), is organizing an international meeting of UNESCO Chairs that promote women in science and technology, 28 June to 1st July, Cannes, France. More

    Director-General celebrates the International Year of Physics (2005) with visit to ICTP - (UNESCO Flash Info.)
    23-05-2005 On 16 May 2005, Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, accompagned by Maciej Nalecz, Director Division of Basic and Engineering Sciences, paid his first visit to the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy. More

    Finalists chosen for “Mondialogo Engineering Award” - (UNESCOPRESS)
    18-03-2005 An international jury has nominated the finalists for the “Mondialogo Engineering Award”, the first worldwide intercultural contest seeking ideas for sustainable technical improvements in developing countries. More

    The World Life Sciences Forum BioVision 2005, Lyon, France 11th-15th April, 2005 - (UNESCO)
    18-03-2005 BioVision is a unique International Platform, where Science, Society and Industry are equally represented and together contribute to shaping the XXI century. More

    IYP2005 UNESCO-ICTP-SPIE-STO Optics Teaching Regional Workshop - (UNESCO)
    16-03-2005 In the framework of the UNESCO International Programme in Physics and the UNESCO Optics Education Project, workshops have been organised, in collaboration with SPIE, ICTP and ASPEN, to demonstrate the active learning technique through hands-on curriculum material. More

    Round-table on Careers for Women in Science, UNESCO HQ, 2 March 2005 - (Nextwave Science Magazine)
    17-02-2005 "The Role of Mentoring and Science Networks" presented by Science Magazine's Next Wave as part of the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science 2005 prize-giving ceremonies. More

    2005 Awards for Women in Science - (UNESCO)
    01-02-2005 The 2005 L'OREAL-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science ceremony will take place on 3rd March at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris in the presence of Lindsay Owen-Jones, Chairman & CEO of L'Oréal and Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO. More

    Message from Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of World Science Day for Peace and Development - 10 November 2004 - (UNESCO)
    10-11-2004 World Science Day for Peace and Development provides an opportunity for scientific organizations, scientists, governments and civil society to join together in reaffirming - in the words of the UN Charter - the crucial contribution of science to the promotion of “social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom”, including freedom from the scourge of war and conflict. More

    25th Anniversary of the European Acadamy of Artes, Sciences and Humanities (EAASH) - (UNESCO)
    22-10-2004 Genetic Message, Nicole Lemaire d'Agaggio.gifFounded in 1979, the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EAASH) celebrated its 25th anniversary on 21st October 2004 at UNESCO HQ, Paris. More

    “Harnessing science for society: further partnerships” - (UNESCO)
    07-10-2004 An International UNESCO/ICSU/TWAS symposium follow up to the World Conference on Science to take place at UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Science in Europe (ROSTE), Venice 2-5 March 2005. More

    Message from Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) - (UNESCO)
    04-10-2004 40th-Anniversary-ICTP.gif"The creation of ICTP was a fitting reward for Abdus Salam’s tireless efforts to persuade the international community to support a global institution dedicated to serving the needs of theoretical physicists and mathematicians from the developing world." More

    International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists - (INWES)
    01-09-2004 INWES.gifInternational Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) held its first regional event in Nairobi, Kenya in collaboration with the African Women in Science and Engineering (AWSE) More

    Ethical and Moral Dimensions for Higher Education and Science in Europe - (UNESCO-CEPES)
    29-07-2004 An international conference to take place in Bucharest, 2-5 September 2004 More

    Creation of an international network « Water, women and decision-making » - (UNESCO)
    16-06-2004 Science-class,-Morocco.gifThe network will bring together women from all horizons: including decision-makers, politicians, journalists, researchers, scientists, project managers and engineers. More

    UNESCO Chair « Women, science and development in Africa », Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. - (UNESCO)
    15-06-2004 The aim is to provide African women in rural areas with basic scientific and technological knowledge so that they can improve their, and their families, every-day living conditions as well as contribute to the economic and social development of their communities. More

    UNESCO's gold Albert Einstein medal for the President of SESAME Council - (UNESCO)
    13-04-2004 Professor-Herwig-Schopper.gifThe Director-General awards Professor Herwig Schopper, President of the SESAME Council, UNESCO's gold Albert Einstein medal in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the promotion of international cooperation, the advancement of the physical sciences and UNESCO's science programme. More

    2004 L'OREAL-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science - (UNESCO & OREAL)
    30-03-2004 L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards.gifOn International Women's Day, l'Oréal and UNESCO annonced names of women scientists rewarded for outstanding scientific research. The prize-giving ceremy took place at UNESCO HQ on 11 March 2004. More

    A Virtual Engineering Library for Sustainable Development in the making - (UNESCO)
    04-03-2004 Virtual-Engineering-Library.gifBased in Sudan, this Virtual Engineering Library for Sustainable Development pilot project is an ongoing international sustainable knowledge network. More

    The 2004 World Energy Technologies Summit at UNESCO ( 10-11 February 2004) - (UNESCO)
    06-02-2004 2004 World Energy Technolog Summit.gifRecent global trends and specific events remind us how dependent humanity’s technology-based industrial civilization is on reliable and sustainable energy sources. More

    Renewable Energies series - (UNESCO)
    05-01-2004 Solar-Detoxification.gifCountries around the world face increasing needs regarding the provision of environmentally sound and sustainable energy. Within this context, UNESCO is pleased to announce the launching of a new Renewable Energies series in December 2003 to develop and disseminate scientific, technological and engineering knowledge on renewable energies world-wide. More

    WFEO World Congress on "Engineering and the Digital Divide" opened by the Tunisian Prime Minister. - (UNESCO)
    20-10-2003 The Tunisian President, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, was the the patron of this important Congress which took place in Tunis, 15-16 October 2003. More

    Second SESAME Users Meeting - (UNESCO)
    15-10-2003 Second-SESAME-users-meeting.gifThe purpose of the meeting (29th November to 1st December, Esfahan, Iran) is mainly to discuss the future beamlines for the Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Application in the Middle East. More

    “Engineering for a Better World: International Cooperation and the Challenges for Engineering Education” - (UNESCO)
    20-06-2003 Project presentation to the Joint 6th WFEO World Congress on Engineering Education and 2nd ASEE International Colloquium on Engineering Education “Global Challenges in Engineering Education” , Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 20-23 June 2003. More

    Families First Africa Project - (UNESCO)
    06-06-2003 Organized by the Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO, the meeting on the Family First Africa Project takes place on 24 June, 2003 at the Italian Parliament, Rome, Italy. More

    Mr Katepalli R. Sreenivasan appointed to the post of Director of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy by UNESCO Director-General. - (UNESCO)
    22-05-2003 Mr Sreenivasan has a broad range of research interests and is known for his work in fluid dynamics, especially turbulence and other non-linear phenomena. More

    Seminar on Pathogens causing deseases like SARS - (UNESCO)
    16-05-2003 As countries struggle to prevent the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), UNESCO and European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Humanities will bring together leading scientists to debate ways of responding to this kind of disease and others at a seminar entitled, “Basic Sciences and Emerging Pathogenic Factors,” May 17 to 18, at the Science Centre of the Polish Academy in Paris*. More

    1st Meeting of Network of Science Faculties in Latin America and the Caribbean to take place in Mexico, 10-12 September 2003. - (UNESCO Montevideo Office)
    13-05-2003 UNAM-Mexico.gifThis meeting will bring together the Deans of most outstanding science faculties in Latin America and the Caribbean to present, among others, the results of ongoing empirical research on current trends of science training supported by UNESCO. More

    Signature d’un accord de coopération entre l’UNESCO et la Fondation mondiale Recherche et Prévention Sida - (UNESCO)
    03-04-2003 Le Directeur général de l’UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, et le Professeur Luc Montagnier, Président de la Fondation Mondiale Recherche et Prévention Sida, ont signé le 3 avril 2003 un nouvel accord renouvelant, pour une durée de 6 ans, la coopération établie depuis 1993 entre l’Organisation et la Fondation. More

    Life Sciences in the European Research Council - (UNESCO)
    02-03-2003 This meeting which addressed the possible creation of a European Research Council (ERC) took place at UNESCO HQ, 19 February 2003 More

    Poverty leads to exclusion from development processes - (UNESCO)
    20-02-2003 UNESCO Workshop on Technology for Poverty Reduction, Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa, 25 - 26 February 2003 More

    SESAME is launched at ground-breaking ceremony - (UNESCO)
    03-02-2003 His-Majesty-King-Abdullah-II of Jordan at SESAME ground-breaking ceremony.gifOn 6th January 2003 the SESAME project moved decisively forward when His Majesty King Abdulla II of Jordan laid the cornerstone for the future SESAME building at Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan. More

    WSSD-UNESCO Exhibition on RE for Sustainable Development - (UNESCO)
    30-01-2003 On the occasion of the WSSD, an exhibition entitled “Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development” was organised by UNESCO in collaboration with the World Solar Commission and other international partners such as Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, (ISESCO), European Commission, Institute of Energy for French Speaking Countries (IEPF), Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME, France) , British National Organisation DULAS and the CDER-Morocco. More

    Ground-breaking ceremony for the SESAME Centre at the Al-Balqa University - (ODG, Flash info no. 93, UNESCO)
    01-01-2003 His Majesty the King of Jordan, Abdallah II Ben Al-Hussein, together with the Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, will preside on 6 January 2003 over the official ground-breaking ceremony for the International Centre for Synchrotron Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East (SESAME) at Al-Balqa University in Jordan. More

    Women and Gender Issues in Engineering, science and Technology - (UNESCO)
    17-12-2002 The Global Allliance for Diversifying the Science and Engineering Workforce organises expert meeting at UNESCO, Paris. More

    Doctor Honoris Causa degree for BES Director - (UNESCO)
    17-10-2002 M. Nalecz1.gifMaciej Nalecz, Director of UNESCO’s Division of Basic and Engineering Sciences, was awarded today the title of Doctorate Honoris Causa by the University of Artois in Arras (France). More

    The International Basic Sciences Programme proposition moves forward - (UNESCO)
    16-10-2002 BES-logo-small.gifUNESCO’s Executive Board invited the Director-General to convene an ad hoc expert meeting with representatives of the various geographical regions to contribute to follow-up concerning this new International Basic Sciences Programme. More

    Transportation of BESSY I Component Parts - (UNESCO CL no.3626)
    23-09-2002 Transportation-BESSY_websma.gifThe component parts of the BESSY I machine generously donated to the SESAME project by the German Authorities have been shipped from Germany and have arrived in Jordan where they are being kept in trust for the project by the Jordanian Ministry of Education. More

    SESAME is planning an autumn seminar - (UNESCO)
    11-08-2002 The Asian Science Seminar on Synchrotron Radiation Science will be hosed by Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan, 19-28 October 2002 More

    Capacity-building in the biological sciences and biotechnologies - (UNESCO)
    30-07-2002 Mid-2002 up-date on UNESCO's Life Science programmes More

    On-going Science and Technology Building Activities: Recent Trends and Developments - (UNESCO/SC/BES)
    29-07-2002 Activities related to capacity building in science and technology have been geared to encourage networking among research and academic institutions both on a regional and international level, and to support education and training in basic and engineering sciences as well as in technological applications. More

    Promotion of Basic Sciences in the Middle East - (ODG Flash Info no. 46, UNESCO)
    15-07-2002 The Director-General recalled that one of the reasons UNESCO was particularly determined to see the SESAME project through was because it would “promote basic sciences in the Middle East, facilitate training in the region and forge a new relationship between science and society”, while also serving to “create bonds of cooperation across borders and between peoples”. More

    Aids Research and Prevention in Africa - (ODG, Flash Info)
    08-07-2002 The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, informed Ambassador Francesco Caruso, Permanent Delegate of Italy to UNESCO, of his satisfaction following the announcement of the granting by the Government of Italy of a donation of two million US dollars to the project “Research and Prevention of AIDS in Africa”. More

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