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BooksSolar Photovoltaic Project Development Herbert A. Wade
Countries around the world face increasing needs regarding the provision of environmentally sound and sustainable energy. 03-11-2003 2:30 pm


Articles"Science is also women's business"
The representatives of 7 UNESCO Chairs made their own the international network "Water, women and decisions'" slogan at the 7th Cannes Water Symposium, 27 June- 1st July 2005
ArticlesCurrent Events: Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 2004
Schopper receives UNESCO's Albert Einstein Gold Medal and Vignola joins SESAME
ArticlesEinstein's Legacy
Herwig Schopper describes how Einstein’s theory revolutionized ideas on fundamental questions and how this breakthrough has itself revolutionized society as we know it.
ArticlesFor an international basic sciences programme
A year after taking up his post, the Director of the Basic and Engineering Sciences (BES) Division, Maciej Nalecz, a molecular biologist, talks about plans for an international basic sciences programme.
ArticlesPhysics without Tears
Physics has never been a popular subject. Students tend to conclude that, on balance, physics requires too much work compared to the career options it promises. Most physics graduates, and especially those in developing countries, tend to end up as poorly-paid university or secondary school teachers.
ArticlesPractical laboratory work - To be or not to be?
'In our primary and secondary schools, we tend to favour theory over practice in teaching. As a result, our children fail to come to grips with science.' Mr. Nébén Alndingaluouel, representative of the Chadian Minister of Education
ArticlesThe Solar School: "Solar Electricity for Rural and Remote Areas"
Alassane Agalassou is one of 26 technicians, engineers and project personnel designated by their governments or institutions to take part in UNESCO's annual summer school over a three-week period every July.
ArticlesWhen learning science becomes child's play
In various parts of the world, primary children experiment with science thanks to "La Main à la Pate"

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