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    The Medal was created in 1995 to be awarded in recognition of outstanding research contributing to a beneficial impact on human health..

    To mark the centenary of the death of Louis Pasteur, the Institut Pasteur, Paris, and UNESCO, in 1995, jointly sponsored the Institut Pasteur/UNESCO Medal, to be awarded biennially in recognition of outstanding research contributing to a beneficial impact on human health and to the advancement of scientific knowledge in related fields such as medicine, fermentations, agriculture and food.Laureates

  • 1995 Professor Natth Bhamarapravati (Thailand)
  • 1997 Dr. Esther Orozco (Mexico)
  • 1999 Professor Luiz Pereira da Silva (Brazil)
  • 2001 Dr. Sima Rafati Seyedi Yazdi (Iran)
  • 2003 Dr Fadila Boulahbal (Algeria)
  • 2005 Professor Mireille Dosso (C˘te d'Ivoire)

  • For further information contact: Lucy Hoareau

    Periodicity The Institut Pasteur/UNESCO Medal shall be awarded every second year, coinciding with the year in which the General Conference of UNESCO is held.
    Criteria for entering The candidate shall be a researcher, preferentially in industrial and microbial biotechnologies, working in either an academic, governmental, or private organization.
    General Rules
  • The awardee shall be designated by the Director-General of UNESCO and the Director-General of the Institut Pasteur upon recommendation of the Scientific Council of the Institut Pasteur. No calls for nominations are made or entertained.
  • The Director-General shall inform the recipient and shall award the Prize at the time of the General Conference.

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