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    ICRO and UNESCO collaboration has been repeatedly quoted as an example of efficient interaction between intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.Since 1961,UNESCO has organized in collaboration with ICRO, some 450 UNESCO/ICRO advanced training courses in cell and molecular biology in 80 countries that were attended by 10,000 young scientists from around the world.

    UNESCO puts its headquarters facilities at ICRO's disposal and its cell and molecular biology program is carried out in close cooperation with this NGO. Also, ICRO is in a position to assess the prevailing trends and promise of cell research as well as the best methods for its dissemination. UNESCO in turn worked out planning mechanisms based on its awareness of the needs of Member States. This collaboration insures the success and the high standards of this program. Above all UNESCO's primary stable funding, sometimes only of catalytic size, gives maximal returns due to ICRO's flexibility of operation as a non-governmental organization.

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