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    The World Foundation for Aids Research and Prevention was created in January 1993. Led by Professor Montagnier, under the auspices of UNESCO, the Foundationís primary objective is to set up a worldwide network of research and preventive centres.

    The Foundation aims to stimulate international co-operation and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge. The centers are designed to contribute to the search for new therapies for Aids accessible to all patients affected by the virus. In addition, in co-operation with WHO they will provide a suitable medical infrastructure for administering HIV/AIDS treatments under supervision. They will also help to form new synergies among laboratories in different parts of the world with a view to evolving vaccines for both therapeutic and preventive purposes. Strengthening prevention is as well a priority area for the Foundation. Alongside UNESCO and UNAIDS, it accordingly encourages the introduction of training programmes and policies more closely adapted to the socio-cultural context of each country. By these activities, the Foundation helps to promote the sharing of skills between developed and developing countries and to bring together in a common cause the research workers most directly concerned by what is one of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century. The Organization will support countries that are most affected by the pandemic to improve their access to scientific knowledge on HIV/AIDs in order to strenghten national efforts aimed at securing treatment for all afflicted, and ecncourage the development of vaccines by promoting scientific research (UNESCO Programme and budget 2002-2003).

    Abidjan Centre for Bioclinical Research and Care (CIRBA)

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