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    Australia hosts World Conference on Science & Technology Education - (ICASE & UNESCO)
    04-07-2007 logo_UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014.gifThe World Conference on Science and Technology Education takes place at the Sheraton Perth Hotel & Mercedes College, 8-12 July 2007 and the UNESCO International Science Education Policy Forum at the Perth Modern School, 13 July 2007 in Perth, Australia. More

    ICTP hosts G8-UNESCO World Forum@ - (ICTP, UNESCO)
    04-04-2007 The G8 Forum on 'Education, Research and Innovation: New Partnership for Sustainable Development', Trieste, Italy, 10-12 May 2007, is supported by UNESCO within the framework of its Decade for Education for Sustainable Development. More

    UNESCO participation in Brunei sub-regional 'Robot Camp for Kids' - (UNESCO Jakarta Office)
    24-01-2007 Participants Brunei 'Robot Camp for Kids.gifThe Robot camp for kids', which took place 11-17 December 2006, Brunei Darussalam, aims to encourage a “hands-on” approach to teaching science in schools, to show that science can be fun and to stress the importance of science, technology and engineering in daily life. It was organized by the Brunei Ministry of Education Science Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre, in cooperation with UNESCO and the University Brunei Darussalam (UBD). More

    The Network of Youth Excellence nourishes budding talent - (UNESCO)
    24-10-2006 Supported by UNESCO, the Network of Youth Excellence, which organizes extra-curricular research for talented students aged 14-21 years to give early exposure to research, met Lake Balaton, Hungary, 20-22 October for their third biannual meeting. More

    UNESCO’s Member States request further assistance for science and engineering education - (UNESCO)
    08-11-2005 Delegates at 33rd session of UNESCO's General Conference, Paris, 3-21 October 2005, sought answers to the negative trend affecting developed and developing countries alike: the declining and/or stagnant student enrolment rate in science and engineering disciplines. More

    Overview of UNESCO’s activities for the advancement of scientific knowledge@ - (UNESCO)
    04-11-2005 Empowering Adolescent Girls in South Asia.gifOn 2nd November 05 at UNESCO HQ, Paris, science colleagues had the opportunity to present, during 60 minutes, their activities promoting the advancement of scientific knowledge. The event’s report gives a broad overview of the Organization’s actions within the field of basic science, the necessity to promote scientific research world wide and women’s access to same. More

    UNESCO Forum launches science and technology education reform in Asia-Pacific@ - (UNESCO)
    02-09-2005 An international forum on the reform and innovation in science and engineering higher education in the Asia-Pacific region is organized by the Korea Science Foundation, Korean National Commission for UNESCO and UNESCO, 12-14 September 2005, Seoul, Korea. More



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