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    Toolkit on Gender Indicators in Engineering, Science and Technology - by Sophia Huyer and Gunnar Westholm
    Dealing with the under-represention of women in engineering and technology More

    “Engineering for a Better World: International Cooperation and the Challenges for Engineering Education” - by Majoram, Tony
    Project presented to the Joint 6th WFEO World Congress on Engineering Education and 2nd ASEE International Colloquium on Engineering Education “Global Challenges in Engineering Education”, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 20-23 June 2003. More

    Gender Indicators in Science, Engineering and Technology - by Sophia Huyer & Gunnar Westholm
    Science, engineering and technology are pivotal to sustainable socio-economic development, poverty reduction and other United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Yet most countries appear to be facing a decline of enrolment – especially among young women – in science and engineering. More

    Geothermal energy: Utilization and technology - by M. H. Dickson, M. Fanelli, R. B. Hudson, E. T. Eliasson, H. Armannsson, S. Thorhallsson, M. J. Gunnarsdootir, O. B. Bjornsson, T. Karlsson, K. D. Rafferty, K. Popovski, J. W. Lund, P. J. Lienau, K. Brown, J. Webster-Brown, R. G. Bloomquist, G. Knapp
    Geothermal energy, the exploitation of heat from the earth, has immense potential as a natural energy source. Geothermal Energy: Utilization and technology gives a concise but complete description of geothermal phenomena and geothermal exploitation. More

    Rays of Hope: Renewable Energy in the Pacific-Video & Booklet - by UNESCO
    Pacific island countries have been at the forefront of efforts in the use of renewable energy to address global warming and climate change, promote sustainable development and reduce dependence on expensive imported fuels. More

    Small is Working: Technology for Poverty Reduction-Video & Booklet - by UNESCO, Intermediate Technology Development Group & Television Trust for the Environment
    The use of low-cost, small-scale technologies in developing countries was promoted in the 1960s by Dr E F Schumacher, who published “Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics as if People Mattered” in 1973. More

    Solar detoxification - by Julian Blanco Galvez, Sixto Malato Rodriguez
    Solar detoxification, an innovative process of water treatment using solar technology, is ready for practical application after a decade of research and development. More

    Solar photovoltaic systems technical training manual & Solar photovoltaic project development - by Herber A. Wade
    While solar photovoltaic home systems have come of age in terms of technoogy, major challenges still remain. These include the need for advocacy and awareness raising, information and communication, education and training and appropriate project management and financial systems to promote affordability and innovation. More

    Technology Business Incubation - by Rustam Lalkaka
    This UNESCO Toolkit on Innovation in Engineering Science and Technology is intended to guide sponsors, researchers, educators and corporate and government planner in exploring the incubation option, and then in establishing and operating a successful Technology Business Incubation programme. More

    Recognition for Engineers? - by A. J. Hay , chair Engineers Mobility Forum, in collaboration with Dr. P. Greenwood, chair Washington Accord
    December 2003 -The mutual recognition of engineers and engineering qualifications at the international level is of increasing importance in the context of globalisation of engineering and engineering education. More

    Science and Society: A Dialogue with Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation Organizations - by Alice Abreu
    OAS-logo.gifSeptember 2004 -The Office of Education, Science and Technology (OEST), in collaboration with the Educational Portal of the Americas of the OAS, has prepared the Portal’s editorial note of the month of September titled “Science and Technology: A Dialogue With Science, Technology, Engineering and Innovation Organizations,” providing its vision on the importance of the civil society organizations in the development of science, technology, engineering and innovation. More

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    International Colloquium “Empowering Women in Engineering and Technology” (Tunis, Tunisia; 06-06-2007 10:00 am - 08-06-2007 6:00 pm )
    In partnership with other international organizations, the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) is organizing the Colloquium to promote leadership of women engineers world-wide. More

    Paris Statement on Innovation for Development. (UNESCO, Paris; 03-05-2007 10:00 am - 04-05-2007 5:00 pm )
    The concluding plenary session of the international conference on “Innovation for Development” included a panel discussion and the production of the “Paris Statement on Innovation for Development” More

    Gender Indicators in Science, Engineering and Technology Sophia Huyer & Gunnar Westholm

    Solar photovoltaic systems technical training manual & Solar photovoltaic project development Herber A. Wade

    Technology Business Incubation Rustam Lalkaka

    Mondialogo Engineering Award


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