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  • Cross Crafting and its Symbolism: monument to the poet B. Krivickas

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With four sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, Lithuania is devoting a major effort to preserving and promoting its cultural heritage.

A programme to revitalize the old city of Vilnius has been launched. The Courland Isthmus astride the frontier with the Russian Federation is the subject of an environmental study in the wake of pollution problems. A plan of action has been signed by both countries.

In the field of the intangible heritage, 2 forms of Lithuanian cultural expression have been proclaimed masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of mankind, and the country has begun to draw up an inventory of the intangible heritage.

With regard to arts and cultural enterprise, has brought experts together to examine ways of improving art education.

Intercultural dialogue binds the Baltic countries and those of the Caucasus together in respect of projects on historic cities and books for children.

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