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Jakarta Tsunami Information Centre (JTIC)

Jakarta Tsunami Information Centre (JTIC)

    The great earthquake with an extensive magnitude of 9.0 on Sunday 26 December 2004 in the Indian Ocean has caused an unprecedented tsunami catastrophe in the Indian Ocean.

    Indonesia, as the closest country to the epicenter and suffered the most from the catastrophe, has committed to building the Tsunami Early Warning System. The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO on the establishment and coordination of an operational Tsunami Warning System in the Pacific, recognizes the Tsunami Information Center (TIC)s important role as the most essential and critical component for successful operation. Risk reduction of tsunami hazard requires a comprehensive approach consisting of warning guidance, risk assessment, preparedness and education. As a part of an end-to-end Tsunami Warning System, the establishment of Jakarta Tsunami Information Centre (JTIC) serves as an information resource from which the government agencies, donor countries, public and private stakeholders, NGO and INGO, and the general public can draw on valuable advice, information and help in implementing tsunami safety measures to save life and property.

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