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Indian Ocean Tsunami Early Warning System

    After the disaster of 26th December 2004, the Indian Ocean countries and the international community came to the conclusion that to build up an Indian Ocean Tsunami Early Warning System (IOTEWS) is a necessity to save lives and properties in the future.

    UNESCO/IOC installed the Intergovernmental Coordination Group of the Indian Ocean Countries to coordinate all the efforts. For the Indonesian part of the IOTEWS the Indonesian Minister for Science and Technology, which has the overall coordination role in Indonesia for IOTEWS, has requested the UNESCO Office Jakarta to support the Design and Implementation and to cooperate in the International efforts to construct the System.

    Within Indonesia itself there are 14 Ministries/Institutions involved. Several countries particularly Germany, Japan, USA and China among others, are contributing funds, equipment, technical support and training to the Early Warning System (EWS) in the Indian Ocean.

    The UNESCO Office Jakarta supports through regular consultations and meetings to enhance the information flow among partners. Close contacts are maintained to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Meteorological and Geophysical Agency (BMG), and the Agency for Survey and Mapping (Bakosurtanal).

    The UNESCO Office Jakarta put efforts to ensure that technologies, equipments and maintenance used for EWS are compatible with others, and the information can be uncial used by the National Tsunami Warning center in BMG in Jakarta.

    Effectively from January 2006, a senior coordinator position of UNESCO for IOTEWS has been established in Jakarta Office, with support from the German Government.

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