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PRELAC Journal

    The PRELAC Journal is published by the UNESCO Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean. It has been created in order to disseminate, monitor, and support the outlines of the Regional Education Project for Latin America and the Caribbean (PRELAC) agreed upon by the Ministers of Education of the region in November, 2002.

    This publication details the challenges of PRELAC and its contributions to the objectives of the World Program of Education for All (EFA). Its readers are political, technical, and social leaders involved in education policies who come from government, civil society, and other areas related to education.

    The journal will treat in a constructive manner and from various perspectives the major concerns of education as stated within the frameworks of EFA and PRELAC: the meanings of education; the question of teachers; school management and culture; and social responsibility for education. In this way it hopes to contribute to reflection among actors who influence education policies.

    This publication continues the dialogue opened by the Bulletin of the Major Project in the Field of Education, publication of which concluded in the year 2000.

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    PRELAC Journal Nș 3/ December 2006.
    The curriculum in the spotlight
    PRELAC Journal Nș 2/ February, 2006
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    PRELAC Journal Nș 1/ july, 2005.
    Teacher involvement in educational change.
    PRELAC Journal Nș 0, august 2004
    PRELAC, a path toward Education for All.
    Social-educational panorama: Five suggestive views on LatinAmerica and the Caribbean