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Booklet “Surviving a Tsunami: Lessons Learned from Aceh and Pangandaran”

Booklet “Surviving a Tsunami: Lessons Learned from Aceh and Pangandaran”
  • © JTIC/Eko Yulianto

As part of the public awareness programme, Jakarta Tsunami Information Centre (JTIC) UNESCO/IOC is developing a booklet which compiles learning experiences of tsunami in Aceh (December 2004) and Pangandaran (July 2006).

The booklet will provide scientific and technical knowledge about the earthquake, tsunami generation, hazard, devastation, impact, survival life experiences, and lessons learned from tsunamis in Aceh and Pangandaran.

Eko Yulianto, a strong professional experience in Geotechnology and has been working in community preparedness focusing on tsunami disaster in the past years, with JTIC is developing the booklet for education and public awareness purpose. His strong linkage with international institutions and network with local government as well as other players in the area certainly will support he development of this comprehensive booklet, which is planned to be published on August 2008.

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  • 22-05-2008
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