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Nias DRR Film

"The Prepared Ones" - A Film About Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Efforts On Nias

Nias DRR Film
  • © 2007 UNESCO Jakarta

It’s not unusual for us to see an activist walking around with a megaphone making an announcement. It becomes unusual when the activist is a 63-year-old woman. This is the remarkable journey of Nurhayat Fau, known by the community as Ina Tulo, in raising community disaster preparedness and awareness in Lagundri Village, Teluk Dalam Regency, South Nias Sub-District.

Ina Tulo’s mission is caught in the movie entitled “Mereka Yang Siaga” (The Prepared Ones), produced by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) in cooperation with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Indonesia, MPBI (Masyarakat Penanggulangan Bencana Indonesia), Yayasan Elsaka – Nias, and DReAM (Disaster Research and Management) – UPN Yogyakarta during the School and Community Based Disaster Preparedness Program in Teluk Dalam, South Nias Sub-District.

Ina Tulo and Milyar Wau (known as Ama Yanti throughout the community) are examples of people who will not sit around and do nothing until a disaster strikes. The tsunami and earthquakes that struck Nias have killed many and destroyed so much, but have not left them pessimistic or self-sympathizing, waiting for help unknown. It is because of these disasters that they exert efforts in building the awareness of the local community in order to be better prepared to face disasters and mitigate damages. These efforts have not been unchallenged. However, both Ina Tulo and Ama Yanti have made a commitment to continue their mission and pass on the knowledge that they have learnt, beginning with their families, then including their villages and if possible the whole of their regency.

The premier screening of this film was conducted on June 13 2007 during the ‘3rd National Symposium on Community-based Disaster Management’, held by MPBI in cooperation with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Organization, Red Cross Indonesia (PMI), German Red Cross, German Technical Aid Agency (GTZ), Indonesian Geology and German Geology Agency (BGR) at Wisma PKBI, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

If you feel that you share the same passion as Ina Tulo and Ama Yanti, and that this film may be able to help you in working with your community, village or city, please ask about this 24 minute DVD at the UNESCO Office, Jakarta, Jl. Galuh (II) No.5, Jakarta 12110, Telp.: 021-7399818.

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