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UNESCO Jakarta Publication

    Here you can find titles of free-books you can obtain from UNESCO Office, Jakarta.
    Please contact our Librarian.

  • 1. Status of Coral Reefs in Tsunami Affected Countries:2005

  • 2. REHABILITATION of degraded tropical forests: an annotated bibliography (limited)

  • 3. ASIA PACIFIC Co operation for the sustainable Use of Renewable Resources in Biosphere Reserves and Similarly Managed Areas 2002 (limited)

  • 4. PREPARATION of cluster and trans-border natural world heritage nominations in ASEAN Region 2002 (limited)

  • 5. PANDUAN Perencanaan Pendidikan untuk Semua (PUS) Asia Timur dan Asia Tenggara

  • 6. Catalogue of Rivers for Southeast Asia and the Pacific-Volume III (limited)

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