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Siberut Biosphere Reserve

Management and conservation challenges

Siberut Biosphere Reserve
  • UNESCO Jakarta

Biodiversity on small, isolated islands is extremely vulnerable to destructive development activities such as rapid, uncontrolled commercial logging and other erroneous development schemes.

Active and pending concessions threaten to destroy, at a minimum, 70% of habitat remaining outside Siberut National Park, and are likely to endanger the entirety of Siberut`s fragile ecosystem. Despite the strong support and advocacy efforts from many sides to improve the protection of Siberut Biosphere Reserve and obtain a ban on commercial logging, the overall situation has worsened over time. With as goal to actively engage local communities in conservation efforts and develop alternative livelihoods that generate income without sacrificing the resource base on which both traditional culture and biodiversity depend, a new collaborative partnership has been introduced, including UNESCO, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHKA) of Ministry of Forestry, Conservation International Indonesia Programme (CCIP) and indigenous communities. The objectives of the Siberut Biosphere Reserve will only be achieved by conserving and managing at a sustainable level the natural resources with the involvement of local people.

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