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Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve

Management and conservation challenges

Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve
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Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve is of special importance for supporting research, science, education, culture, and eco-tourism. The location of Lore Lindu that adjoins some villages faces serious management challenges and conservation issues.

The management challenges in this site include illegal logging, land encroachment for agricultural activities, lack of awareness of the importance of forest preservation and lack of law enforcement. The management of the site has focused efforts on the development of public awareness and participation of local community in the management of the forest for the benefit of the people living surrounding and within this site. Education and training programs have been management priorities in order to enhance the skills and function of human resources in the field. These human resources are important in the development of strategic innovation amongst the stakeholders in the field, including local communities. The participation of the local communities in management and conservation effort is identified as one of many strategic mechanisms in dealing with the complex challenge of protecting this site through a bottom-up process and participatory approach. The management and conservation program of the Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve also receives active support from local and international-based partners and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially in the fields of strengthening local capacity and public awareness. Efforts are being made in the development of the management strategy of the conservation areas to move towards a joint management mechanism (collaborative management). This co-management model it is expected to minimize conflicts and accommodate the aspirations of the concerned stakeholders in the management of conservation areas.

Management and conservation programs of the Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve involve the active participation of these partners at the local, national and international levels. The implementation of the program by the partners provides and strengthens the development of the local capacity and public awareness, including research studies and other relevant activities in connection with the sustainable utilization of the natural resources, community development, eco-tourism and co-management techniques. Eco-tourism can be leveraged as an alternative source of economic income and needs to be developed, taking into account the high potential for tourism in the Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve. The natural scenery of Lore Lindu and its uniqueness in terms of biodiversity and cultural aspects such as the megalith, is an asset for this site. Lore Lindu National Park is managed by the Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia under the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHKA). The field office is located at Palu, Central Sulawesi.

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