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Gunung Leuser Biosphere Reserve

Management and conservation challenges

Gunung Leuser Biosphere Reserve
  • UNESCO Jakarta

The number of conservation and management challenges in the Gunung Leuser area is due a range of activities, including land encroachment by human-being, unsustainable logging practices both illegal and licensed and road development.

A large area has undergone an ecosystem degradation due to the deforestation around the south-east part of the Park. To support the conservation and management of the Gunung Leuser, there is also a need to enhance the capacity of the Park staff. This is particularly the case in regard to community extension programs with as goal to socialize the Park, its vision and mission to the public. Among the strategies being developed in management of the Park is to encourage a co-operation with the people living surroundings of the Park. In the long run, progress will not be possible without the active involvement of the local population in order to establish a balanced relationship between people and nature. It is also part of the responsibility of the people surroundings the Gunung Leuser to participate in the preservation of this area. There are some potential sites that can be developed to support and improve the tourism sector of the Gunung Leuser area. This sector is one activity that can contribute to the economic development of the people in this area. However, the current security situation and political conflicts in the province of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam have influenced the activities related to education, scientific studies and eco-tourism during these past years. The Gunung Leuser is managed by Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia under the Directorate General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHKA). The field office is located at Kutacane, Southeast Aceh and some guard posts are established within this area.

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