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What is UNESCO?
UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The main purpose of this United Nations Organization is not building classrooms in devastated countries or restoring World Heritage Sites, but one considerably more vast and ambitious: building peace in the minds of people through education, culture, science and communication.

What does the UNESCO Santiago Bureau do?
Since 1969, UNESCO's Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNESCO Santiago) has been giving countries support in the design and implementation of public policies on the one hand, and strengthening the participation of civil society in the area of education on the other.

How can I contact UNESCO Santiago specialists?
In the “Who’s who” section of this website you can find the staff member most suitable to your needs and topics of interest.

Where can I find information on grants and student funding?
The UNESCO Scholarship Programme awards grants, and subsidises education initiatives and school trips. The Programme aims at furthering the development of human resources and national capacity-building in fields aligned with UNESCO’s strategic objectives and priorities; strengthening joint sponsorship projects among donors and through the allocation of extra-budgetary funds.

UNESCO will only review applications submitted by the National Commission of the candidates´ country. The Organization will not consider applications made by candidates on their own behalf.

I would like to work or apply for an internship at UNESCO. What is the procedure?
UNESCO has a special website for its applications system. The system includes staff, including professionals, translators and interpreters, general services and temporary assistants. Additionally, this website provides information on associated programmes such as those involving young professionals, associated experts and international internships. Labour opportunities for UNESCO Santiago are offered via this centralised system, and through our world-wide Offices.

I am interested in information on World Heritage. Who can help me?
One of UNESCO's mandates focuses on new global threats to the natural and cultural heritage and ways of preserving these sites and monuments as a means of contributing to social cohesion.

What are the UNESCO Chairs?
The objective of a UNESCO Chair is to create a new research and teaching unit within a university or higher learning institution devoted to research, from an international perspective. A Chair normally includes: a person responsible for academic matters; a given number of professors or investigators of the institution concerned and of other organizations associated with the project in the host country and in other participating countries; and, tertiary-level students or young investigators or high-level researchers working under the auspices of the Chair.

Does UNESCO award sponsorships and subsidies to initiatives not directly linked to the Organization?
There are three mechanisms through which UNESCO grants sponsorships:
- sponsorship may be granted by the National Commission for UNESCO to activities of a national scope;
- sponsorship may be granted by UNESCO programme Assistant Directors to thematic and international activities of limited scope;
- sponsorship may be granted by UNESCO's Director-General to activities of vast international interest.

I am looking for a UNESCO publication, but have been unable to find it on this website. Where can I go?
Please visit our Publication section.

I would like to have some books donated to my institution. What are the requirements?
Send us a detailed request justifying your reasons for applying and who would benefit from this donation. We will evaluate your request and reply as soon as possible. Submitting a request does not necessarily guarantee that the donation will be granted. Requests must be addressed to the Publications Unit, Digital Contents and the Press to the attention of Victoria Uranga v.uranga@unesco.org

How can I contact the UNESCO Office operating in my country?
Not every country has a UNESCO Office. However, to contact the Office closest to you, may we suggest you consult our regional office listing or any of the Organization’s National Cooperation Commissions active in every country of the region.

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