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  • The Heritage of Gelede

Cooperation between Nigeria and UNESCO was strengthened on the occasion of the celebration of the 2005 edition of Africa Day.

The World Heritage List comprises two Nigerian sites (one natural and one cultural) while the country has presented a Tentative List of 3 cultural sites and 3 cultural ones. Nigeria should like to expend the possibilities of cultural tourism, particularly along the Slave Route. A Chair in Cultural Heritage has been set up at Port Harcourt University.

Two Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity are listed in Nigeria: the Gelede, which is also practiced in Benin and Togo, and the Ifa Divination System. An action plan has been established to preserve these practices. Nigeria has also established a system of Human Living Treasures and endeavours to safeguard its endangered languages.

UNESCO is lending support to the establishment of a Chair in Copyright in the country.

Nigeria has asked for UNESCO’s assistance in reopening its national theatre.

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