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Burkina Faso

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  • Gourounsi habitat

Burkina Faso, a State Party to the World Heritage Convention, is preparing proposals - with financial assistance from UNESCO - to inscribe several cultural and natural sites on the World Heritage List.

Regarding intangible heritage, the country is concerned with safeguarding one of its principal rituals: the false start of the Mooga-Naaba.

With respect to cultural industries, the country - aided by UNESCO - is organizing the Ouagadougou International Crafts Salon (SIAO).
The Organization is also participating in the Ouagadougou Pan-African Film and TV Festival (FESTACO). In the context of the Global Alliance, Burkino Faso has launched a musicians’ cooperative to promote artistic activities and safeguard cultural diversity.

Burkina Faso/UNESCO cooperation is continuing on projects such as Culture, Tourism and Development in West Africa and The Cultural Approach to HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care.

The School of African Heritage (Benin) is making an inventory of the tangible and intangible heritage of the countries of the region in relation to slavery and the slave trade as part of the Slave Route project.

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