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Global Action Week 2013 (21-27 April)

Without teachers a school is just a building

Global Action Week 2013 (21-27 April)

Global Action Week is a worldwide annual campaign organized by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) to raise awareness of the importance of Education for All. UNESCO actively supports the campaign by organizing activities in its Headquarters and Field Offices, mobilizing networks and encouraging Ministers of Education and all EFA partners to participate.

Under the slogan “Every Child Needs a Teacher” the 2013 Global Action Week will focus on the crucial role of Teachers to achieve EFA.

About 6.8 million teachers are still needed all over the world. In several countries the shortage of educators generated class sizes of above 50 pupils. Filling the gap in trained teachers is the major obstacle to achieving universal primary education.

UNESCO works to enforce national standards of training and to enhance teachers’ professional status in order to assure quality education for all students. The importance of teachers has already been the theme of the 2006 GAW and emerges as a core topic in the discussions about the post-2015 international education agenda. Advocating for teachers is also the aim of World Teachers' Day (5 October), annually celebrated to discuss and address issues on teachers.

UNESCO participates in the Global Action Week by mobilizing its networks and partners, by collecting and sharing policies and practices and by organizing activities around the world, through its Field Offices.

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Infographic - global teacher shortage
Key messages
Every Child needs a teacher
Message from Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO
The 2013 Global Action Week (21-27 April) will focus on the crucial role of teachers to achieve Education for All.
Global Action Week 2013 in Brief

  • 17-04-2013