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UNESCO announces the awardees of the Youth-led Initiatives Grant Scheme 2013

UNESCO Jakarta Office has selected 4 projects to be supported through its Youth-Led Initiatives Grant Scheme. The awarded organizations are: Yayasan Tunas Alam Indonesia (SANTAI) in Lombok, the Papua Youth Forum, Komunitas Kajian Gender Malang (KOJIGEMA), and Indonesian Greenaction Forum (IGaF) in Bogor. These projects will address a wide range of issues, from reproductive health education, HIV prevention, disabilities, and environmental sustainability in their regions.

The awarded projects have been selected among more than 40 proposals that UNESCO Jakarta Office received from all across the archipelago. The selected initiatives will be supported with up to 3.000 USD, and will be accomplished by September 2013.

The awarded projects are the following:

  • SANTAI aims to support reproductive health education in Lombok through their “USULAN Programme”. In addition to providing information, youth participation in the development process is hoped to maximize the potential of youths in the local community.
  • Youth Papua Forum aims to empower youth to create agents of change in their community to halt the wide-spread of HIV through the medium of music and dance in Papua. This organization believes that interactive training and popular methods are needed to attract young people and encourage them to play active roles as agents of change for their peers and community.
  • KOJIGEMA’s project “Counseling and Disability Peer Educator 2013” will work with schools for students with disabilities in Malang. It aims to establish awareness of disability and sexuality issues for young people with disabilities.
  • IGaF will work on “A Green Pathway for Sustainable Environment”. This project aims to engage active and passionate children and youth as well as environmental organizations to advance their environmental awareness, role, action plan and commitment in environmental conservation.

    Activities will explore the great varieties of ways in which youth can contribute to their communities through active participation. A particular focus will be given on the participation of vulnerable and marginalized youth groups, youth living with disabilities and youth from disadvantaged regions. UNESCO Jakarta will publish the results and achievements of the grantees in October 2013.

    UNESCO Jakarta’s Youth-led Initiatives Grant Scheme 2013 is part of its new youth focused programme on Building Skills for Youth Civic Engagement in Indonesia. The overall goal of this initiative is to contribute to youth empowerment and engagement of young women and men in their communities through support to opportunities for youth leadership and youth led-initiatives. The project has also strong linkages with Post-2015 Development Agenda, ensuring that youth can express their ideas and concerns about the ¨future they want¨ and making their voices heard.

    UNESCO Jakarta would like to thank all applicants that participated in the grant scheme for sharing their ideas and initiatives. UNESCO will continue to provide spaces where Indonesian youths can express themselves, ways to speak out, and channels to influence decisions that affect them as human beings and as members of society. For more information and upcoming opportunities, please visit our website at unesco.org/Jakarta.

    • 04-02-2013
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