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Analysis of disaster risk conditions in Chile

Analysis of disaster risk conditions in Chile

On 4 September the preliminary version of the document “Analysis of disaster risk conditions in Chile” was presented at the Chilean Interior Ministry’s National Emergency Office. The text was prepared as part of the DIPECHO activities in Chile and implemented by the Red Cross, the United Nations Development Programme in Chile and UNESCO. This presentation allowed comments and suggestions regarding the document to be gathered from the representatives of more than thirty organizations that are taking part in this activity, and which are implementing disaster risk reduction actions - including the Chilean Association for the United Nations, the European Commission, and the Humanitarian Aid Network in Chile.

The document provides a overlook of risk conditions in Chile, taking into account threats, vulnerabilities and capacities in the country today,since it is an updated version of the first country document, “Analysis of risk conditions in Chile”, prepared in 2010.

The analysis includes progress achieved in the country to date, and contributions and visions of the following institutions: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Sub-department for Regional and Administrative Development, Universidad de Concepción, Universidad de Chile, the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy – SHOA, the Chile Scouts Association, Visión Mundial, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of the Environment, Universidad de Chile Seismological Service, Santiago Municipal Government, USAID/OFDA, Chilean Association for the United Nations, Pastoral Social Caritas, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, the team from the Early Warning and Civil Protection Centre at the National Emergency Office (ONEMI), and ONEMI representatives from the Santiago Metropolitan Region and Coquimbo Region.

In the words of Camilo Grez, head of the ONEMI Civil Protection Department, “this document represents a fundamental reference for coming projects that seek to contribute to disaster risk reduction in Chile”.

In late 2012, the document was in press - it will be distributed to public institutions, NGOs, and cooperation agencies that implement disaster risk reduction projects in Chile.

Read the full document (in Spanish) here.

  • 16-01-2013