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UNESCO Online e-Learning Tool on HIV for Youth Endorsed by MoH Indonesia for National Dissemination

UNESCO Online e-Learning Tool on HIV for Youth Endorsed by MoH Indonesia for National Dissemination

Ministry of Health (MoH) in Indonesia has endorsed the tool www.10TeenQuiz.Com for national dissemination reaching all 33 provinces from 2012 to 2014, as part of the Aku Bangga Aku Tahu (ABAT - I am Proud that I Know) national campaign, along with five other ministries, primarily Ministry of Education and Culture.

The online tool was developed in collaboration with WHO, UNODC, UNFPA, UNICEF, National AIDS Commission, University of Indonesia, RutgersWFP, MoE and ARI (Independent Youth Alliance), under funds from UNAIDS.

The rights-based education tool is on comprehensive knowledge on HIV and rejecting major misconceptions. It is using social media to target youth in formal and non-formal settings, with greater access to young key affected populations, primarily between the ages of 15-24, where the epidemic is growing the fastest. As per IBBS 2011 (Inter-Bio Behavioral Survey), only 19% of youth in Indonesia have comprehensive knowledge, far from the 95% target by 2014.


In the initial pilot trial of three months the website received over 2,500 unique hits with 1,300 reaching the perfect score of 10 correct. In a random drawing of perfect scores, winners were awarded by the private sector with a smart phone. In the first round the prizes were from Nexian and in the second round it will be a Samsung Galaxy Y smart phone.

The online quiz is displayed on the front page of the MoH, Center of Health Promotion website: http://www.promkes.depkes.go.id/
UNESCO is keen to work with local partners on building the national capacity to effectively overcome this epidemic, in strong collaboration between the education and health Sectors, along with other key stakeholders, particularly youth CSOs, to reach MDGs targets on HIV.

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  • 18-09-2012
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