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National workshop on the preservation of documentary heritage to be held Chile: experiences of identity and memory

National workshop on the preservation of documentary heritage to be held Chile: experiences of identity and memory
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In the context of the twenty years of the Memory of the World Programme and with the support of the Regional Office for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC / UNESCO Santiago), the MOW National Committee has organized a national workshop on preservation of documentary heritage to promote its recognition, protection and use by the community.

The workshop, to be held in Santiago, Chile, on 8 and 9 November 2012 at the Centro Patrimonial Recoleta Domínica (Recoleta 683), will include local and foreign experts in lectures and practical activities, to share their experience in different areas of management of the documentary heritage.

"We want to help the people and institutions that are outside the regular economic circuits to understand the value of the documents they have, and so they can identify the basic actions to protect and advance its use as a source of memory," said Patricia Huenuqueo, head of the Office of the National Archives and National Committee Chair MoW Chile.

The round table debates in which they may take part are: "Memory of the World: balances in the regional and national context", "The preservation of heritage documentation as public policy, regulatory and financial aspects," "The significance of the documentary heritage local communities" and "the new documentary heritage and making new memories."

The workshops which can be chosen are: "Archival guidelines for identification, organization and description of the heritage documentation," "Statements of heritage documentation, traditional media and new media," "design plans and access to heritage preservation documentation" and "Training to provide information about the nomination process for UNESCO MOW. "

Furthermore, in order to spread the wealth of the documentation of the country´s international significance, there will be an exhibition of Chilean heritage documentation entered in the registers of the Memory of the World UNESCO.

Memory of the World-MOW

The Memory of the World (Memory of the World-MOW) is an international initiative established by UNESCO in 1992, for the purpose of facilitating the preservation and access to heritage documentation and increase awareness of its existence and importance.

The program is structured around national committees that determine regional and international heritage importance, to put them on track and give them a seal for identification. The Chilean National Committee was established in June 2001 by the Barbados, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. These countries form the MoW Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (MOWLAC)

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