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Journalists and media professionals to participate in awareness-raising workshop on violence against women in Arica

Journalists and media professionals to participate in awareness-raising workshop on violence against women in Arica
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Journalists and communicators of television, radio, digital and newspaper outlets to participate on May 18-19 in the workshop “How to treat violence against women in the mass media”, which will be held at the Universidad Arturo Prat of Arica.

This initiative is part of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), and is organized by the Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC/UNESCO Santiago), in alliance with the National Women’s Service (SERNAM), and the Corporation for the Development of Women, DOMOS.

Workshop participants will receive the publication “Violence has a thousand faces: Guide on violence against women for mass media professionals and communicators”, prepared by DOMOS with the technical and financial support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in alliance with the SERNAM. This tool seeks to contribute to the journalistic and communicational purpose of informing, creating public opinion and educating on issues of violence against women.

In addition to journalists and communicators, the workshop will also be attended by Elizabeth Lewin Hoefter, Regional Director of the SERNAM, and María Victoria Valenzuela, in representation of OREALC/UNESCO Santiago, along with representatives of several women’s public organizations and agencies from the Chilean region of Arica y Parinacota.

The frequency and the impact of violence against women in Chile, whether in the home or on the street, at work, school and other public areas, make it necessary for different sectors of society, apart from the State and civil society organizations, to be a part of the efforts to advert it. Therefore, the mass media is a key factor in the information and prevention of this problem.

SERNAM has stated that the figures on intrafamily violence in the region of Arica and Parinacota (Chile) indicate that one out of every three women experiences or has experienced an episode of this nature. Likewise, a 2010 diagnosis of violence against women made by the Chilean Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence highlights the grave situation existing in Arica, where factors such as migration and cultural diversity has thousands of women living in conditions of poverty and precariousness, making them daily victims of intrafamily violence. For all these reasons, this workshop seeks to promtoe a broader understanding of violence against women and to strengthen the role of the mass media in its eradication.

The workshop will be given by Carolina Peyrín, Director of Corporación DOMOS, an organization that has worked for the last 27 years in the area of violence against women, along with Vicky Quevedo, renowned communicator and journalist of Citizen Forum, a radio program and “Millennium, in tune with science” of the Universidad de Chile radio station, broadcast to over 100 stations across the country.

For more information, please visit:
Corporación Domos Chile

Servicio Nacional de la Mujer (Arica-Parinacota)

  • 18-05-2011