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First Session of the Forum of Latin American and Caribbean Parliamentarians for Education (FLACPED)

First Session of the Forum of Latin American and Caribbean Parliamentarians for Education (FLACPED)
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On 4-5 May, approximately 60 members of congresses from across Latin America and the Caribbean will meet in Santiago, Chile as the first step toward creating a regional parliamentary commitment to Education for All (EFA). The expected results of the conference are an adopted Statute, a Plan of Action and a FLACPED Declaration.

In the framework of developing a global partnership for development (Millennium Development Goal No. 8) and as part of UNESCO´s Medium-Term Strategy 2008-2013, the Sector of External Relations and Cooperation of UNESCO has organized the first Forum of Latin American and Caribbean Parliamentarians for Education (FLACPED I) from 4 -5 May 5, 2010.

The initiative emerged from the need to strengthen UNESCO's cooperation with parliamentarians so that they may act as focal points and assist in the implementation of the Organization's education programmes.

One of the primary functions of FLACPED is to seek to achieve the six goals of Education for All by 2015, supporting the development of the Regional Education Project for Latin America and the Caribbean (PRELAC) led by UNESCO through its Regional Bureau of Education in Santiago, Chile.

During the opening ceremony, speakers will include Ahmed Sayyad, Assistant Director General for External Relations and Cooperation and Representative of the Director-General of UNESCO; Senator Jorge Pizarro Soto, President of the Senate of the Republic of Chile and President of the Latin American Parliament (Parlatino); and Joaquín Lavín Infante, Minister of Education of the Republic of Chile.
The working sessions of the conference, which will be attended by over 60 representatives from 33 countries in the region, will focus mainly on the following topics:

1- Partnership between UNESCO and Parliamentarians;
2- Introduction to Education for All (EFA) and presentation of the Global Monitoring Report 2010;
3- EFA overview in Latin America and the Caribbean;
4- Partnerships perspectives for EFA in Latin America and the Caribbean;
5- Role of Parliamentarians for EFA and success stories of Parliamentary Forums for education in the regions of Africa (FAPED), Arab States (FARPED) and Asia and the Pacific (FASPPED);
6- 2010 International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures;
7- Establishment of FLACPED (adoption of the Statues, 2010-2011 action plan and election of the FLACPED Executive Bureau).

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