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World Poetry Day Celebration and Children’s Enikki Festa Award-Giving Ceremony and Exhibition

Jakarta, 20 March 2009

World Poetry Day Celebration and Children’s Enikki Festa Award-Giving Ceremony and Exhibition
  • © UNESCO Jakarta/Dwi Anggorowati Indrasari
  • The eight finalists of Indonesian Enikki, children illustrated diaries competition

Twenty one March has been proclaimed as World Poetry Day by UNESCO since November 1999. The initiative of this global action in favour of poetry was to give recognition and fresh impetus to national, regional and international poetic movements. The main objective of this action is to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be held within their communities.

To mark this year’s World Poetry Day, the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO of the Ministry of National Education in partnership with Garuda Indonesia and supported by UNESCO Office Jakarta (Culture and Education Units) celebrated the event at the Ministry of National Education on 20 March 2009. Two speeches were delivered prior to the inauguration namely from Mr. Arief Rachman, Executive Chairman of the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO and Mr. Anwar Al Said, representing UNESCO Office Jakarta.


The function is partly a celebration of an award-giving ceremony for eight (children) finalists of Enikki, children illustrated diaries after selection process by Indonesian panel of juries.

Indonesia will participate in the 9th festival of the Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa which international selection is scheduled for April 2009. The project of the Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa invites work of Asian children every two-year and Indonesia has been participating since 1992. The eight finalists from Indonesia this year are: Dini Kamilasari (11) from Central Java; Dimas Ananda (11) from West Java; Labiqoh Az-Zahroh (7) from East Java; Billy Marcelino Wongkar (11) from North Sulawesi; Chatarina Megapuspita (11) from Jakarta; Dimistri Swasthika Nurshadrina (10) from Yogyakarta; Hati Sri Pratami (10) from Yogyakarta; Desak Putu Bunga Raditya (8) from Gianyar, Bali.


During the function there were Balinese gamelan performance by students of Balinese Culture Institute of Saraswati, recital of poems by children from India and Philippines, students of Gandhi Memorial School Jakarta, and the well-known Indonesia poet Mr Taufik Ismail, description of illustrated diaries by the eight finalists, and Angklung music performance by students of Diponegoro School. During the one-day event, the best illustrated diaries from all over Indonesia entered for the competition was exhibited. The event was attended by officials from Embassies in Jakarta, from the ministries and parents of the finalists of Enikki, children’s illustrated diaries competition as well as students and teachers from international and national schools in Jakarta and Bali.

The UNESCO for Director-General of UNESCO message on the occasion of World Poetry Day, 21 March 2009, can be downloaded from here.

  • Source:UNESCO Office Jakarta
  • 25-03-2009
  • Image 2 : © UNESCO Jakarta/Dwi Anggorowati Indrasari - Recital of poem by an Indonesian well-known poet, Mr Taufik Ismail
  • Image 3 : © UNESCO Jakarta/Dwi Anggorowati Indrasari - Finalists and their Enikki, children illustrated diaries
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