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Accueil > Traditional Resource Use in Coastal Marine Environments - Mise à jour: 28-08-2002 3:51 pm

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Coastal marine resource use by indigenous Moken communities along the Andaman Sea coast in Thailand is among ongoing field projects within the Coastal Regions and Small Islands (CSI) platform.  

This work builds on several decades of UNESCO interest and involvement in research on traditional resource use in coastal marine environments (e.g. Lasserre and Ruddle, 1983; Ruddle and Johannes, 1985, 1990). As with other bodies of local knowledge, there are a number of important commonalities among different corpuses of local knowledge of coastal-marine environments and resources, as enumerated by Ruddle (2000).

  • They are based on long-term empirical, local observation that is adapted specifically to local conditions, embraces local variation and is often extremely detailed.

  • They are practical and behaviour-oriented, focusing on important resource types and species.

  • They are structured, which makes them somewhat compatible with Western biological and ecological concepts through a clear awareness of ecological links and notions of resource conservation.

  • They are often dynamic systems capable of incorporating an awareness of ecological perturbations and of merging this awareness with an indigenous core of knowledge.


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