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First meeting of the Decentralization Review Task Force

On 7 December 2006, the Director-General opened the first meeting of the Decentralization Review Task Force, noting that decentralization constitutes one of the priorities of the Organization and underscoring the importance for UNESCO to become a more active member of the UN Country Team.

Mr Matsuura further emphasized that UNESCO’s decentralization policy would need to be adjusted in the context of the overall UN reform, in particular with regard to the recently released report of the Secretary- General’s High-level Panel on UN System-wide Coherence entitled “Delivering as One”.

Underlining the importance of establishing a more coherent UN country-level system, the Director-General called for flexibility in the implementation of the One UN concept, as the reality in the field was complex and varied. He stressed that, since the strength of the UN in comparison to the Bretton Woods Institutions lies in its sectoral expertise, UNESCO should focus on the quality of its programme delivery.

Mr Matsuura asked the Task Force to consider the newly established decentralization framework of the Education Sector, which, he felt, represented an important input to our decentralization strategy. The Director-General also asked the Task Force to consider the modalities and mechanisms for UNESCO’s effective participation, as of 2007, in a selected number of CCA/UNDAF rollout countries, as well as in the One UN country pilots. Recalling the recommendation of the High-level Panel to introduce the One UN programmes in all countries by 2012, the Director-General called for urgent action.

Chaired by Deputy Director-General Marcio Barbosa, the Decentralization Review Task Force is to identify short-term adjustments to UNESCO’s decentralization system and immediate measures to be taken in order to build and strengthen our field capacity and accountability. The Director-General will submit a report on the decentralization review to the Executive Board and thereafter to the General Conference at its 34th session. The Task Force will hold its second meeting in February 2007 and meet again in the month of May 2007.

Auteur(s): Office of the Spokeswoman - Source: Flash Info N° 199-2006 -  Date de publication: 11-12-2006

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