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Accueil > Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) - Mise à jour: 11-01-2003 4:49 pm
In collaboration with the "Forum for African Women Educationalists" (FAWE), ESD conducted a study on economic activities and technology needs of women farmers and producers in Machakos, Kenya  

farmers.jpg A training programme has been developed on the basis of this study. Training sessions and an extension of the project to others of the 26 Member States of FAWE are planned.

Women producers and farmers in Machakos District are engaged in a number of on-farm and of-farm economic activities. While these activities are crucial for the development of the country, the technologies used to achieve the end products are time-consuming, energy-wasting and, therefore, very expensive in terms of the lives of women. They face problems in production, processing storage and marketing of their agricultural produce and other goods that they trade in. They also lack information and do not know where to get information when they need it.

The broad objective of the project is to train, instill skills and identify with thetechnology women choose for various economic activities that women farmers and producers engage in. It also aims to create working partnerships between farmers, formal education institutions, such as secondary schools, and institutions that provide technical training.

Project goals:
- Mobilizing women for self-developmentin respect of their need for entrepreneurial skills as farmers and producers;
- Introducing women to appropriate low-cost technologies, and planning with them what technologies they will need and how to acquire them;
- Involving local institutions in building the capacities of local women to meet their needs in respect of economic activities, technology access, acquisition and use;
- Enhancing skills in handling technologies and maintaining them;
- Designing specific projects that match the needs of women farmers and producers.

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