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Accueil > Global Problematique Education Network Initiative (GENIe) - Mise à jour: 09-08-2002 12:41 pm

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UNESCO launched the Global Problematique Education Network Initiative, otherwise known as GENIe, at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland (Ohio, USA).  

GENIe is a network of universities whose fundamental objective is to provide an integrated multidisciplinary (scientific and humanistic) education, in a university context, on global issues regarding humankind and nature (population, global warming, carrying capacity, famine, poverty, etc.) with a view to establishing a sustainable world.

It is a broad-based educational initiative primarily aimed at the following audience:

- Decision-makers and Scientists;
- Undergraduate, Graduate College and PhDStudents;
- Secondary School Students

The first and main project of the network is the development of a virtual, distance-learning classroom on global issues and sustainable development. All members of the network share the same teaching materials, computerized data bases, models, etc. for lecturing on global issues. A key aspect of the classroom activities is to link students from various member institutions around the world via the Internet in order to jointly develop scenarios for the global future based on knowledge assumptions and perspectives from their respective regions and then to assess these scenarios in a multi-cultural dialogue. The members of GENIe are centres for the development of regional networks for the diffusion of globally oriented education.

Organisation / Secteur / Bureau leader UNITWIN/UNESCO CHAIRS Programme
Prénom du contact Dimitri
Nom du contact Beridze
Mots-clés Distance Learning


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