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Accueil > Intégrer une perspective de genre dans le développement durable - Mise à jour: 23-08-2002 3:22 pm
Intégrer une perspective de genre dans le développement durable à travers l’éducation, les sciences, la culture et la communication signifie :  

gender_parity50.gifThe Challenge of Achieving Gender Parity in Basic Education. A Statistical Review, 1990-1998. - by UNESCO
This Report attempts to produce a global picture of the present situation, provide an anlysis of the disparities which exist in primary and secondary education, and identify present trends in particular regionas and societieis. Continuer

Gender and Post-literacy: A Non-formal Education Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention - by Namtip Aksornkool - UNESCO
Results of an awareness-raising workshop in Mbabane, Swaziland for education, health care and communication professionals from Malawi, Swaziland and Zimbabwe to assist in preparing post-literacy materials to teach safe sex. Continuer

blue women50.gifGender Equality and Equity - by UNESCO
A summary review of UNESCO's accomplishments since the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing 1995). Continuer

African Stories - by UNESCO
Results of the UNESCO-DANIDA workshops for the preparation of post-literacy reading materials and radio programmes for girls and women in Africa. Continuer

Guidelines on Gender-Neutral Language - by Annie Desprez-Bouanchaud, Janet Doolaege, Lydia Ruprecht and Breda Pavlic - UNESCO
Third edition of a booklet first published by UNESCO in 1987. Continuer

Wscuk50.gifWomen, Science and Technology: Towards a New Development? - by UNESCO
Highlights from the debate on gender issues at the World Conference on Science for the Twenty-first Century, Budapest, 1999, Continuer

Toolkit on Gender Indicators in Engineering, Science and Technology - by Sophia Huyer and Gunnar Westholm - UNESCO
Produced within UNESCO’s University–Industry-Science Partnership (UNISPAR) programme in UNESCO’s Science Sector, with a view to promoting gender-disaggregated data in S&T activities. Continuer

Mainwom50.gifUNESCO - Mainstreaming the Needs of Women - by UNESCO
Booklet on the challenge of gender equality and equity, and work thereon in UNESCO’s various programme sectors. Continuer

Changing times Changing attitudes - Alternative portrayals of men and women - by UNESCO
Fourteen of the best radio programmes produced in the UNESCO-DANIDA project, which have now been distributed to trainers and practitioners working in radio programme production and non-formal education throughout Africa. Continuer

cultre of peace50.gifEducation for a Culture of Peace in a Gender Perspective - by Professor Betty Reardon - UNESCO
This publication, based on a comprehensive, gender-sensitive approach to peace education, has been written during the first year of the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010). Continuer

women and urban crises brochure50.gifFemmes dans les crises urbaines - by François Hainard et Christine Verschuur (éds) - UNESCO
Relations de genre et environnements précaires Continuer

women's rights and bioethics50.gifWomen's Rights and Bioethics - by International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO
This book, based on the Round Table on Bioethics and Women held at UNESCO during the Fourth Session of the International Bioethics Committee (IBC), presents the experience of field workers and actors in areas as diverse as health, legal affairs, governance, education and psychology. Continuer

Genre et Développement Durable : un lien indispensable - by UNESCO BSP/WGE
14/08/2002 -Les hommes et les femmes doivent accéder de la même manière au développement durable.Continuer

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14/08/2002 - Genre et Développement Durable : un lien indispensable - UNESCO BSP/WGE
Les hommes et les femmes doivent accéder de la même manière au développement durable.Continuer

UNESCO - Mainstreaming the Needs of Women

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